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Mastering - Duplication - Restoration
Mastering is often thought of as the first stage in the duplication process but it is equally true to call it the last stage in the creative process. Mastering may simply involve 'topping and tailing' the start and end of each track, matching volumes and adding the correct subcodes for the master CD. On the other hand, the mastering studio is where a dull, lifeless track can be transformed into something far better.

We are also able to offer CDROM and combined Audio/CDROM mastering.

See our What is Mastering page for more information.

We offer top quality CD copying at affordable prices. Using the latest Plextor CD recorders, we can produce CD's with the lowest possible error rates which are compatible with the widest range of players. We use Taiyo Yuden CD's which have proved to be extremely reliable and compatible with a wide range of players. We constantly monitor the quality of the CD's we produce using Plextor's Plextools software.

We can print directly onto CD's..

If you have an old tape or record that you would like transferred to CD or DVD then we can help. We have the technology to remove clicks, hiss and many other interfering noises from all kinds of tapes and records.

We can handle the following formats:

  • Cassette Tapes
  • Reel to Reel tapes in stereo, quadraphonic or mono in all popular formats
  • LP's, 45's  and 78 rpm records.
  • Mini Discs
  • DAT's
  • ADAT's
  • Tascam DTRS 8 track.
  • CD's
  • 1/4" multitrack tapes, 4 or 8 tracks
  • 1/2" multitrack tapes, 8 or 16 tracks
  • 2" multitrack tapes in 16 track format.
  • VHS Hifi Video or PCM format.
In addition we can translate multitrack tapes between all the above formats.

Multitrack tapes can be transferred to multitrack computer files at up to 20 bit resolution at 48kHz sampling rate while stereo tapes and discs can be transferred at up to 24bit resolution at 96kHz sampling rate. We can store the end result on either USB stick, CD or DVD discs.